TechnoBravo seeks to add value to our clients’ business by providing secure innovative identity management solutions utilising the latest technology.


What we do is simple – it’s the technology that is advanced!

TechnoBravo specialises in the identity management business, physical and logical.

Physical identity management relies on the authentication and verification of physical characteristics, be it a fingerprint, facial recognition, or an identity document to allow a person access to a restricted area or to cross borders.

Logical identity management takes physical security a step further by securing the infrastructure and networks of organisations through the use of smart cards or biometrics linked to a physical attribute of the employee or citizen.

We partner with Best of Breed solutions providers internationally to bring the latest advances in identity management to our clients. We also develop solutions for the local market, combining global technology with contextual experience.  

Our extensive product range includes desktop fingerprint readers, the revolutionary Multispectral imaging technology, biometric access control devices, and secure identity documents. Our solutions include electronic voter registration, eVoting, electronic signature pads and identity document readers.