FS10 is a 1″x1″ fingerprint scanner for single-finger scanner market. It was certified by FBI to be compliant with PIV-071006 Image Quality Specification (view PDF) for Single Finger Reader. It meets the US Federal Information Processing Standard 201(FIPS 201) for Personal Identification Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors.
The FS10 uses advanced CMOS sensor technology and a precise optical system to meet the rigorous requirement of fingerprint image quality of PIV-071006. Its fingerprint scanning window is crown glass that resists scratches and other stresses to ensure long term heavy duty usage. It is a robust but cost effective single finger capture device and ideal for border control, identity card, driver license, election and any type of civilian AFIS application.
A unique serial number is factory-programmed into the USB Device Descriptor of each FS10. Every FS10 is traceable and this is very important for government identity management projects. Available in OEM module.


The Futronic FS80 scanner uses advanced CMOS sensor technology and a precise optical system to deliver high quality fingerprint images. The light intensity is automatically adjusted according to the characteristics of the finger being scanned (wet, dry, blurred) to optimise the quality of the scanned fingerprint image. It also has the ability to perform Live Finger Detection. The device is light weight and compact.  Available in OEM module.


The Futronic FS82 is a single device combining a FS80 fingerprint reader with an ISO7816 smart card reader. The smart card reader and fingerprint device can be used as stand alone devices but used as a combined device it offers offers two factor authentication. The FS82 also uses Live Finger Detection technology.  Avaialble in OEM module.


The Futronic FS88 reader is compliant with the PIV-071006 Image Quality specification for single fingerprint readers. It uses advanced CMOS sensor technology and a precise optical system to meet the rigorous requirements for this fingerprint image quality.The FS88 offers Live Finger Detection and is ideal for use in border control, identity cards, drivers licences, and election applications. Available in OEM Module and combined with card reader (FS88HS)


The Futronic FS84C PIV ethernet Fingerprint Authentication Module (eFAM) combines a high performance fingerprint scanner and recognition engine into one device. It has internal memory that can store up to 2500 fingerprint templates. Any host system can control the FS84C via standard Ethernet interface to enroll and recognize a finger. The recognition result is sent from FS84C to the host.  4 wires serial interface is also available, the FS84C can therefore be used for both embedded and remote fingerprint recognition application. Fingerprint images and templates can be transferred between the FS84C and host system via serial and ethernet interface.  The FS84C has 1 output channel (for external relay control) and 2 input channels (for door sensor and switch) and can be used as a fingerprint access control device. 


The Mercury desktop scanner offers Multi Spectral imaging for fast, accurate results under any environmental condition.Smaller than the Venus scanner, the new Mercury desktop fingerprint sensor is a fully integrated reader that can easily be attached to a host PC or intelligent controller via a standard USB cable. This device utilizes the same multispectral imaging technology deployed in our Mercury OEM sensor modules and is able to deliver stunning world class performance at an affordable price and elegant package. Available in OEM modules. 


The revolutionary Lumidigm Venus scanner offers Multi Spectral imaging for fast, accurate results under any environmental condition. The unit has a fast blue light presence detection and sensor triggered operation. All processing is done on the PC using PC resident software – PC template 1:1 APIs only. The Venus unit is mountable and water resistant (IP65 rated). It has a table top enclosure, anti-spoof capability, and is available as a single unit with USB cables. Software not included. Available in OEM modules. 


The Lumidigm® V371 Fingerprint Reader combines the industry-leading biometric authentication of HID Global’s multispectral fingerprint sensors and best-in-class contactless OMNIKEY® desktop card-reading technology into a single, integrated unit for strong multi-factor authentication. The solution provides a reliable, convenient and secure method for authenticating both a credential and the individual presenting it. The Lumidigm V371 Fingerprint Reader is ideal for applications leveraging biometric citizen ID cards.


The Lumidigm V4xx Fingerprint Sensors and Modules combine convenient and reliable biometric authentication with variety of security features including strong liveness detection, data encryption and tamper resistance to provide an exceptional user experience while eliminating fraud and protecting identities.

Ideal for banking applications, the V4xx offers individual bank customers easy and worry-free access to their accounts. And, because institutions need to know who is actually present for the transaction rather than simply who has the card or knows account details, the V4xx provides a cryptographically secure channel that is protected by tamper detection for true end-to-end security.


TechnoBravo offers the full range of Futronic SDK software to assist with integration and development of applications using the Futronic fingerprint readers.

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